I'm Bazil.


Freelance Webdesigner
& photographer based in Paris.

Show me what you got !

Webdesign, Strategy, Photography, Art Direction, User Interface and Experience... you name it! After 3 years working for communication agencies I decided to go one step further and to become a freelance designer. I recently helped amazing brands like Musilac, Heineken & Cineteve with their strategy and design approach.
As a french guy, I also say "Oh la la" quite often, not that it matters but I love the sound of it.

Webdesign / Intergration

UI / Microinteractions


Social media management


When I'm not to busy designing, I'm always behind my camera ! As a huge concert addict, I got lucky enough to become a professional and to shoot my favourite bands during the last 4 years.

Call me maybe !

I'm always interested in hearing about new projects, discussing about music or telling jokes. Have something in mind? Let's talk!